#Sexy Snippet: Hayden wins a kiss in #ShifterTrials


New author. New book. First time on Sexy Snippets.

In Shifter Trials, Talia is the alpha of the united wolf-eagle clans, who must marry any man who beats her in the Trials, a 20 mile grueling marathon. Her newest trainer, Hayden, a vampire, loves her, and is hell-bent on winning her heart.  In this scene,  Hayden trains Talia for the first time. To push her, he tells her that if he wins a practice race, she’ll owe him a kiss. He wins, so lets she what happens.


“Eyes glued to my butt, eh?”

She wanted to slap him, but the grin he flashed had her melting into a pile of goo.

“Well, you won,” she whispered, suddenly shy, a unique sensation for an alpha of two predatory clans.

“Yeah, I did.” He padded over to her, breathing more rapidly than normal, the only evidence of his physical exertion. With a single calloused finger, he gently traced the angle of her cheekbone, the jut of her jaw, and swirled circles around the pulse pounding in her throat. Sparks exploded everyplace he touched.

“I’ll claim the prize in my own way, in my own time.”




On the night of the full moon, any male shifter can call the Trials to race against Talia Orion, alpha of the united wolf-eagle clans. Clan law requires Talia to marry the winner of the Trials, a grueling twenty-mile marathon through dangerous, rugged terrain. Talia, the product of an unhappy, political alliance masquerading as a marriage, trains obsessively to ensure she avoids her parents’ fate.  Her newest vampire trainer, Hayden Mitchell, makes her powerful even as he knocks down her defenses, and finds his way into her heart. Hayden has loved Talia since the first moment he saw her. As the destined ruler of the vampire clan, he has another agenda to politically unite Talia’s clans with his own—what Talia fears most, and will never forgive him for.

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