A Life Lived in Pieces

I live my life in pieces.

Broken GlassLike many of you, I struggle to get my head (and my arms) around the sheer number of things I’m doing on a daily basis-work, family, writing, community, etc The phone is never off, the work is never done, dirty dishes clutter the sink, the calendar beeps incessentaly.  And yet, many of these pieces exist in total isolation from each other.  I have work colleagues, parent networks, writer peeps, old school friends, fellow dog owners, religious service, neighbors, and the list goes. Yet, in each defined group, in their narrowly defined place, only small slivers of myself are revealed.

I’m a parent in one group, an expert in another, slave to a puppy, a committee colleague, the protagonist of a high school prank, an author, a metro rider, a twitterer (is that a wood)  and the list goes on. In each place, I show one face, some sliver of myself.

Very few people have met all the parts or see full me. Even when they do, some reject the parts they don’t relate to.  Its why I named my blog the other Shari. Not all my friends or family understand my need to write. I had to make new friends for that.

This to me is the strange truth of modern life. Since our lives are not centered in our neighborhoods or communities in the same way as in the past, we build our own communities, one piece at a time.

I suspect I’m not alone in my thoughts. But with lives hacked into pieces, with huge disconnections between our job and our home life, our friends and our  neighborhoods, I wonder if its getting worse?

What do you think?


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