Quotifying a story #ShifterTrials #paranormal #romance


With the advent of twitter and storify, we learned we could create interesting stories from a series of short blurbs.  Its an interesting visual and a new way to build narrative. I thought I’d play with that structure and use my favorite quotes to show the broad outlines of the story.

Boy Tempts Girl

“I’ll claim the prize in my own way, in my own time.” Those emerald eyes, locked onto hers, twinkled in impish delight. She could do nothing but smile back.  In her recent memory, no one dared to play with her.

Girl Resists, Boy Fights

“I’m not allowed love.”

“It doesn’t mean you don’t feel it.”

“You claim to want a love match, yet you reject love in its crazy beauty when it’s offered.

“I don’t want you to become my bitterness.

Hot, wet, and naked was what she craved. Gentleness, and the tentacles of commitment it snaked around her, scared her witless

He held her for an eternity. Their only eternity. The beating of her heart, the uneven rasp of her breath became his whole world. “This is also who we are,” he told her.

Boy Tricks Girl

Disappointment and rage warred inside her. He tricked her, used her, loved her.


“Let’s be clear.” She looked into Greta’s eye, holding back the alpha dominance, and just letting Talia, the besotted, possessive female shine through. “Hayden is mine and mine alone. So button up your shirt, get out of my chair, and spread the word. I love this man. Anyone who tries to take him from me, will have to deal with the woman, the wolf, and the eagle.”

Fun, yes?

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