The Seduction Begins #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors

Welcome to Sexy Snippets and Weekend Writing Warriors, where authors share 7-8 lines/sentences of a book or work in progress.

Last week, I’ve been sharing snippets from my WIP, a  sexy science fiction romance, tentatively titled Race to Redemption. Its now with an editor to help me prepare for submission.  This scene continues from last week (more or less). Elaina (in cognito as Lainie), surprised at her attraction to Erik, decides to act on it.

“I’m not most zoners.” She pitched her voice low and leaned in so her breasts lightly pressed against his very solid chest. His eyes closed at the intimate touch before his torso jerked back, severing the connection.

“Clearly. Get used to taking orders if you want to keep your job. ” His breath burned her cheek.

We’ll see about that. “Sure, boss man.” She smiled at him, another real one. The muscle memory around her mouth seemed to be returning.



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Blurb in Progress:

Storm racing. The highest risk sport in the Terran Coalition…and the most lucrative.  Elaina Carteret holds the championship title on multiple worlds with all the celebrity, wealth and male attention that comes with it. After a horrific accident, she disappears from the race circuit and resurfaces as Lainie Carter, a medical transport flyer on Ranhar, a non-aligned desert world. Her risk-taking, rule-breaking approach to her job infuriates the med facility’s director, Dr. Erik Johansen, who runs the outpost with an iron hand, a permanent scowl and the tightest bod on the planet.

Unable to forgive himself for a past tragedy, Erik works himself into an early grave. He has no patience for the insubordinate Lainie Carter, who can’t take an order, disrupts routine, and flames his body to ash.  She’s not what she seems and he lost his soul to another who lived behind a lie.

When the facility is attacked, they’re thrown together in a race across the desert to prevent the spread of a deadly phage.  As a fragile trust blossoms between two damaged hearts, their pasts resurface and threaten not only their souls but millions of lives.

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